Due to COVID-19, we have adapted our grocery program to better protect staff, volunteers, and you. For now, free groceries are available in the following two ways:


Groceries are currently available by delivery to those with a personal address (a house, apartment, or hotel) in the following ZIP codes: 97015, 97027, 97045, 97086, 97202, 97206, 97214, 97215, 97216, 97222, 97266, 97267, 97266. 

Please be ready to provide your full street address, including the number of the apartment or hotel room, and a phone number or email address we can use to reach you.

To request delivery, we prefer you to use our online forms below. Please ensure your email address and other contact info is correct. You should receive an automatic confirmation email after submitting your request. If you are having trouble with the online form, please call (503) 771-7914 and leave a voicemail in your preferred language stating your name, zip code and return phone number. Someone will call you back to complete your order.

Delivery time can vary widely based on how many orders we are receiving, but in most circumstances we will be able to deliver to you within 3-7 business days of receiving your order. Groceries are delivered Monday-Friday between the hours of 11am-6pm. A driver will inform you when they are on the way.

Please note:

The order forms will automatically close after we reach our maximum number of orders every week. The forms will re-open Monday mornings. Please wait two weeks from your last delivery to place your next order. Thank you!

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

To-Go Groceries

During our lunch service Tuesday-Thursday from 1:00-2:30pm, we offer a variety of grocery items that are catered to folks who live outside, however, this service is open to anyone! If you live outside our delivery range, or just need food to tide you over until we can deliver to you, you are welcome to join us for lunch and to pick up some groceries any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (excluding Thanksgiving and any day that falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when we are closed). 

Usually, grocery items available during lunch include pre-made salads and sandwiches, breads, shelf stable milk, canned soups, fruit, granola bars, and other portable, prepared or easy-to-cook items. You can pick up a bag of groceries each of the three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) in which they are offered.

To visit us for lunch and pick up a bag of groceries, head to our main campus: 8800 SE 80th Ave, Portland OR 97206

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